Wednesday, September 3, 2014

labor day

our labor day weekend was a good one. it started friday after brooklyn's dentist appointment with celebratory drinks and cookies for a cavity free visit! we also celebrated by stopping at the splash pad. brooklyn was happy about it and vows to not cry when we brush her teeth anymore. we'll see.

james and brooklyn hung out in kaysville for the night (to watch the byu game and all) and i (kendall in tow) went to taggart's to meet my friends for dinner. we had a great time chatting and it definitely filled my social tank that has been needing some filling lately.

we ended the night all back together at home, ready for a fun weekend, and went to bed.

saturday morning was slow, i got a quick workout in, and then it was chaos getting ready to head to coalville via salt lake. i cut james' hair, packed for the girls and myself, and then we all hit the road. we made a few stops in salt lake and then finally arrived in coalville early that evening.

my dad grilled up some burgers, my mom made a killer potato salad, and we celebrated chandler's birthday. 

^^^cutler & kendall/ 10 weeks apart^^^

sunday morning, james whipped up some crepes, mickey mouse shaped for brooklyn, and then we all went to church. afterwards, it was crock pot roast, potatoes, carrots, and onions. delicious!

grandma bought the girls each their own little pack of crumb donuts. they love their donuts, and didn't mind sharing a stool to eat them on.

we all watched the utah state/tennessee game with heavy hearts and went to bed at a decent hour. the next morning, the women headed to the high school track to get a good work out in. my dad and james held down the fort back at home with the kids. we had a great time together and it made me really wish i had my mom and sisters to work out with like that every day.

haley got both my girls bathed and ready for the day while i showered and got ready myself. she always does brooklyn's hair so cute. and she LOVES to have braids!

once we were all ready for the day, we tackled making salsa for the first time. everyone chipped in with the produce and we all worked together to chop it all up and make into some yummy salsa. we took turns cutting up the onions (they made us cry) and garlic (because it's garlic) and tomatoes (there were a million of them) and my mom did all the technical sealing stuff at the end. we were happy with the final product.

as soon as the salsa was done, we packed up and headed for home, stopping for burgers on the way. we ended our long weekend with episodes of arrow on netflix. you haven't watched it?! do it now. kendall surprised us and slept for seven hours straight, and brooklyn woke up with bad dreams around three. we'll take what we can get.

/it's not too early for halloween get-up is it? cause look how cute./

it's already wednesday!

 h a p p y  h u m p  d a y 

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