Friday, August 29, 2014

the splash pad + skinned knee

today felt like a good day to squeeze a little more summer fun into the week before it's officially over (labor day kind of over). the weather was nice and sunny, the splash pad wasn't too crowded, and we were ready for some outside/water fun. after a quick stop at fiiz for drinks (and a sugar cookie for brooklyn), we met up with chelsea and ellie at the splash pad in kaysville.

^^^mid air^^^

a lot of moms had the same idea, as we barely snagged a parking spot. we set up in the shade and brooklyn was off to run through the (freezing cold) water. chelsea and i (and the little girls) got to chat it up and catch up on each other's weeks. it was nice. really nice. a nice little orange leaf fell right on our blanket while we were talking, which got us discussing how fast summer has come and gone, and also about some plans for fall. we're both excited for fall. we can't help it. 

brooklyn splashed in the water and then played on the playground, over and over again. she was in heaven. she stopped by for bites of her cookie occasionally and then was off again. the sun was good for her.

kendall was happy 90% of the time. she laid on the blanket and just kicked around for a lot of it. this might be the last time she wears this outfit. good thing we have it in a bigger size to wear in hawaii!

ellie kept herself entertained while i chatted with her mommy. she got rewarded with a little splash time on the splash pad, which she loved. she really wanted kendall to play with her, but huge age gap right now. darn it. soon they'll be running around together. too soon.

our cue to leave came after brooklyn got running a little too fast, fell, and skinned up her knee. it was a dramatic deal and she couldn't stop the tears (or the whining). she was ready to go. kendall decided to cry right then as well. it was quite a scene, us trying to pack up to leave. chelsea did all she could to help keep brooklyn happy, fold up the blanket, and keep an eye on ellie, all while i got kendall in her car seat. still screaming. oh dear. the joys of motherhood sometimes right? i just had to laugh. that's all you can do.

luckily, i still had some of my beverage left to help me survive the drive home, and by the time i pulled into the garage, i had two sleeping beauties. exhausted from all the crying and such. darn it. but it was ok. friday was on the horizon and we have a great weekend planned. that can always get me through a thursday... friday, you beautiful thing, you. 

happy weekend! grab a drink and a nap if you can...

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