Thursday, August 28, 2014

i beat 'the lazies'

today when i woke up, i could tell it was just gonna be one of those days. the kind where i get nothing done, the house gets super messy, and then at the end of it, i feel like a slug and totally guilty. so, i made a decision right there (because who wants to give into those negative nancy thoughts?), i could let the morning go super slow. hold off baths and breakfast dishes, but only for an hour, then it was time to get to it.

baths for the girls, dishes done, and then the house straightened up. i went through every room of the house straightening and putting away. i showered and then we ran a couple errands. as i was pulling into the driveway, i saw that our weeds were getting out of control. i put kendall in the shade and brooklyn helped me put the weeds in piles to be thrown in the trash can. she loved it. the whole time she kept saying, i'm a big helper, watch me. stuff like that. she's so fun to have around for the most part. she'll talk your head off and you'll end up laughing at something funny or clever that she says. 

^^^she dressed herself.^^^

kendall basically took cat naps all day. silly girl. i'm guessing she didn't want to miss out on all the cleaning and weed pulling. by five o'clock, dinner was not happening by yours truly. luckily, it was national cheeseburger day and james came home and grilled us up some burgers. we topped them with avocado and bbq sauce and called it good. yum!

^^^my sad little baby.^^^

so, i beat 'the lazies' today. i'm pretty proud of it too. i may not have put on a stitch of make-up or done my hair, but i got stuff done. it's days like these that help me to feel accomplished as a mother and a homemaker. because a lot of times i just feel like i'm barely getting through the day without getting too much done besides keeping my girls alive. those days can be great too. i need those days. but a day full of productivity along side happy children just feels good. to reward this day, if the sun cooperates, there may be something fun on the docket for tomorrow. fingers crossed!

h a p p y  f r i d a y  e v e !
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