Tuesday, August 5, 2014

sugar the horse.

besides getting to celebrate her birthday on two different days, brooklyn also got spoiled by her auntie hay with a trip to build a bear. she and ryan came to pick brooklyn up a couple days before her birthday and brooklyn kept reminding me that i wasn't invited to go. she wanted it to just be her, haley, and ryan. she got her wish.

we loaded up her car seat in haley's car, she told us 'peace out', and they were on their way. i laughed thinking about what animal and everything else she would choose. i was seriously picturing some ugly tie dyed cat or something. haley was going to let her choose whatever she wanted. risky.

luckily, the cat didn't happen.

(auntie hay did a great job of documenting the experience)

she chose a horse, and named her sugar.

haley said she was excited the whole time.

the outfit she chose isn't pictured, but she chose a pink tutu, a birthday princess shirt, and a nice pink leash. yep, a leash. she loves that horse. sugar hasn't had her clothes on since that day, but brooklyn makes sure to use the leash on her. 

thanks again auntie hay for making brooklyn feel so special. she loves you and wants to do everything you do. you're her example. 

she thinks the world of you and definitely thinks you're a lot cooler than her mom.

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