Monday, August 4, 2014

kendall's blessing day.

kendall kate...

things i want to remember about your blessing day, and things i want you to know about your blessing day:

you were so happy that morning and woke up nice and early with the rest of us.

you were not happy once we got to the church. i was out with you in the hallway right until your daddy took you up to be blessed.

your daddy gave you such a sweet blessing. he loves you so much.

grandma diane called you a little angel when she saw you in your blessing dress. 

brooklyn and i both were blessed in the dress you were blessed in.

all day long i couldn't believe we were blessing our second daughter. it felt like yesterday we were blessing your big sister.

she adores you.

thanks to everyone pitching in, we had a delicious brunch in your honor. your nana stayed up and made breakfast casseroles and your dad and i got the house and yard ready for everyone to come over.

everything was delicious.

grandma bernella and grandpa ray were there.

the sky was overcast, but it was still hot. everyone braved the heat to eat outside.

brooklyn and livi played (fought) the afternoon away.

your auntie googs was the photographer for the day, therefore no formal pictures with her. she got so many cute pictures of you.

uncle dev and aunt kenzee came too.

so did auntie ween, uncle chandler, and your cousin ____. just weeks from being born.

grandma carol and grandpa tub made the drive from cokeville to be there.

and of course, grandma diane and grandpa jerre were there.

nana was here all the way from hawaii. you must be pretty special for her to be away from papa for three weeks. papa had to work and wanted to be there so badly. i didn't get a picture of you with nana because she was busy getting the food set out, and then she ate and rushed off to help aunt chelsea with a locked bathroom door situation. that's also why there are not pictures of aunt chelsea and ellie, but they were there too.

uncle jeremy was in india. cool huh?

it was such a beautiful special day just for you. you have a lot of love and support and years down the road that will never change. you are so so loved.

your mommy cried during your blessing because she felt so blessed to be your mom, and she still couldn't believe you are hers forever.

i love you so much kendall. i'm so grateful heavenly father sent you to our family and i hope that by the time you are able to read this that you are happy about it too.

you are a special daughter of God kendall kate, never forget it.

^^^one day shy of 7 weeks on your special day.^^^

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