Monday, August 11, 2014

our summer so far...

it's already monday again, and i can't believe another summer weekend has come and gone! we're really trying to savor every last bit of it before fall comes rollin' in and it's time for football, sweaters, and flannel sheets. the girls are both enjoying summer in different ways, but definitely enjoying it.


she has loved everything water: seven peaks, the pool, her water table, the kiddie wash, and lots of baths and showers. she's loved playing with her friends and spending lots of time with her nana. she has turned into quite the artist on the trampoline with her chalk and loves to be out there in the evenings drawing away.

^^^not sure where her sass came from. we just love this girl who is growing up so fast!^^^ 

this summer has worn her right out just as it should for a a three year old that's packed to the max with energy.


she loves to be outside mostly after the sun has started to go down. the cooler air, watching her big sister play, and getting lots of loves from her mommy make for a nice summer night for this little tiny. her newborn sleep-all-day schedule is slowly dwindling, so she gets to be worn in the wrap while i try to get things done. she doesn't mind it and neither do i. she's getting some chub on her and i love love love it! oh my gosh, she's the sweetest cutest little thing and i can't give her enough kisses and squeezes.

^^^sweetest prettiest little face^^^

having nana/my MIL here has been a huge help as we've adjusted to two. brooklyn has been her little shadow while she's been here and hates when she isn't around. both the girls have been spoiled by her and brooklyn has definitely taken advantage of getting nana to do whatever she wants. brooklyn's gonna be a sad girl when she's gone. but seriously, it's been great to have lisa here. not only did she do projects like painting the deck and fence, and painting my living room, but she took the girls numerous times while i quickly got out of the house to run errands on my own. it has been so nice. she heads back to hawaii tomorrow and even though we'll miss her, we can't wait to go see her there!

/james & i/

james has been busy with work and school this summer with a little bit of fun on the side. he's loved having his mom around and is also happy to have his brother home from india. i think he is wishing the rest of the summer away as he has started the countdown for college football. it makes him more excited and more happy than christmas i tell ya. he has been giddy all week watching and listening to anything football he can get his hands on. 

i am LOVING summer and never want it to end. i love being able to be outside with the girls, go to the pool, and eat all the bounty summer provides. this past week i finally started working out again post baby and i feel like a new person. my body hurts and i am so out of shape but it seriously has made me so happy to be able to get my body moving again. working out in the summer heat isn't super fun but man that sunshine makes me happy. 

^^^fun friend visit for me this week.^^^

summer: we love you and are going to enjoy these next couple weeks fully until you leave us. you have rocked so far and we thank you for it!

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

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