Wednesday, August 20, 2014

on a rainy wednesday...

i've been thinking a lot about my grandma jackie the past two weeks or so. mostly because of the time of year and also because the thought always pops into my head when i'm looking at kendall, "grandma would have thought you were so darn cute." i can just hear her saying it. my heart breaks a little to think about, but it also makes me smile too. i smile because of how lucky i am to have such a great grandma like her. she was one in a million and i am her posterity and that makes me feel special. grandma jackie was an on the ball kind of person about most things, and that's why...

kendall wore an outfit from her today.

obviously grandma didn't buy it specifically for her, but it is from her and that's all that matters. 

tonight for dinner, thanks to our neighbor and my parents, we had dinner from the garden. we love eating fresh like this during the summer and haven't done it enough. sadly, the summer is coming to a close so we're trying to cram it all in as much as we possibly can.

brooklyn was sad to wake up and see a rainy gray day, but i was pretty happy about it. i woke up totally in the mood to watch movies and cuddle the girls all day (and fold laundry). so that's mostly what we did. brooklyn found ways to entertain herself by making messes all over the house, but she was content so that's all i cared about. kendall took lots of naps, more than usual, and had me suspicious that she was either getting sick or having a growth spurt. her daddy checked on her during one of those naps and found her little hand band covering her eyes. darn it. i guess she just really wanted her beauty sleep. obviously.

 ^^^staying entertained with groceries she helped carry in. take note, not one, but two boxes of my favorite cereal oh's! run to win-co, they're on sale!^^^

speaking of grocery shopping. while we were in win-co, james decided to dig through the cokes to see if he could find anything close to brooklyn's name and my name. we got close. i don't like to be called mel, but i'll take it.

 ^^^both girls napped at the same time today. i decided i could either nap with them or paint my nails. i chose nails and i'm regretting that decision very much tonight.^^^

i'd say our week is off to a good start, but it's only going to get better (after the girls' dr appointments tomorrow morning). we have some fun things planned in the next couple of days and like i've said, we're trying to pack the last little bit of summer full of fun stuff. let's do this!

h a p p y  w e d n e s d a y 

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