Monday, August 18, 2014

another week in the summer.

our summer continued to be fun this past week with lots of playing outside and family outings. one of my favorites was coming home from jogging one night to three squealing little kids running through sprinklers in their underwear. does it get better than that in the summer? they were having a blast. i'll say it again, we have great neighbors and we love them. 

we had a tad bit of rain a for few days and brooklyn gets bored really easily if she's not doing something physically active or creative. like bored to the point that she either acts out or is super ornery. so, she got her little creative brain going and made this adorable princess out of straws, sugar the horse's tiara, and a necklace. i couldn't help but laugh out loud when i saw this. how cute!

kendall gained five pounds this week i swear! she is just plumping right up and i can't help but write that in every post. it's constantly on my mind and i love it!

thursday afternoon, my parents made it safely home from their road trip on their 'hog'. i seriously worried about them every second they were gone. they came home soaking wet (from a horrible rain and hail storm they ran into right before they got home) and happy. they had a blast! later that evening haley and i braved the heat and went on a little jog. i saw a snake and couldn't keep up with her, but it was a good time. she heads up to logan this week to become an aggie! i'm so jealous and excited for her. lots of fun adventures are right around the corner!

/kendall kate/

 ^^^she gives me this look fifty times a day. i love it.^^^

/brooklyn jayde/

we spent friday afternoon in slc for my cousin's wedding and dinner. it was a beautiful day with lots of family and seriously good food.

we bribed brooklyn with a swig sugar cookie to be good during all the wedding festivities and it worked. kendall shocked us and stayed asleep while we were in the sealing and i literally kissed her cheeks off afterwards because i was just so proud of her. :)

saturday morning, james went and balled it up and then i went on a quick jog. i came home and whipped up some omelets and orange juice and then we spent the rest of the afternoon doing yard work and getting the house clean. kind of my favorite kind of saturday.

that evening was our ward bbq. it's always fun and it's nice to be able to talk to people in the ward that i don't get a chance to see on sundays. we have such good people in our ward. 

^^^darcie and brooklyn wheel barrow racing. she stepped in because i was nursing and james was eating. thanks again darcie!^^^

sunday was church, naps, and then dinner at jeremy and chelsea's with friends. a great way to end the weekend. we have a lot to look forward to this week. lots of summer to squeeze in, doctor appointments, and another friend get together at the end of the week. bring it on!

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

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