Friday, August 22, 2014

dr appointments

right in the smack dab middle of our week were check-ups at the doctor for both girls. it worked out so nicely to be able to do brooklyn's 3 year and kendall's 2 month together in the same visit. going in i was a tad nervous about wrangling both of them in the dr's office by myself, but brooklyn pretty much took care of herself and was entertained with blocks while i took care of her baby sister. i'm happy to report that both girls are healthy and growing right on track. here are their stats:

brooklyn: 30 lbs & 37 inches

kendall: 11.7 lbs & 22 inches

kendall was just a few ounces off from being a pound bigger than brooklyn was at her two month check-up.



kendall tried really hard to be brave with her shots, but it broke her heart darn it. she did, however, calm down much faster than brooklyn did at two months. thank goodness! it was so sad because the whole time leading up to the shots, kendall was smiling and 'talking'. poor girl had no idea what was coming. darn those shots.

it's something i pray for every night and gosh i'm grateful to have two healthy girls. i can't imagine the heart ache of having children who were chronically ill or had other physical ailments. mothers of those children are also constantly in my prayers. they're stronger than me. 

brooklyn is already excited to go back, and you can't tell in the picture below, but she loves her doctor and was talking his ear off the whole time she was being assessed. funny girl. while i was soothing the baby, i asked brooklyn to pick up the blocks she had played with so we could make a quick exit. brooklyn immediately got to work and the place all cleaned up in two seconds. she's not that great at cleaning up at home, so of course i was impressed, and OF COURSE i offered her a treat. she chose a cupcake. a cotton candy cupcake at sweet tooth fairy, and i rewarded myself for surviving a dr appointment with both girls alone with a peanut butter cookie that i'll give five stars!

two toe touches for friday!!!

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