Friday, August 22, 2014

the cougar kick-off

if you know me well, you know that i'm not a byu fan. however, my husband might be the biggest. he loves byu football with all his heart and soul and almost nothing makes me more happy than watching his cougars. last year he found out about the cougar kick-off and surplus sale and was able to go down to provo, score a few cool things at the sale, and get a few autographs at the kick-off. he was so bummed he didn't have brooklyn with him and decided he wanted to make sure brooklyn went the following year. 

so, we packed up the girls and headed to provo. we met up with my cousin amanda and her cute little family. it made the whole evening better to be able to hang out with them. the dads took the girls on all the fun stuff, and manda and i manned the babes in the strollers. nice and mostly relaxing.

^^^getting her face painted is one of her favorite things on the planet.^^^

^^^she wasn't too sure about the slide by herself.^^^

^^^and she definitely wasn't sure about cosmo. not a fan.^^^

afterwards, we went and picked up dinner. a tri-tip salad from cubby's for the win! and then headed to check out amanda and mackay's new house. it's a great house with a great yard and hopefully we'll get together there again soon. brooklyn and addie had fun playing together while the adults just chatted. kendall and beckham were sad to say goodbye to each other.

cute little sad cousins. 

going to the kick-off, it being football related and all, definitely made it feel like summer is headed out the door and fall is knocking. i couldn't help but feel excited over that. don't get me wrong, i love summer, and this one especially, but man oh man, nothing beats the cooler air and color changes of fall. i can definitely feel it in the air. so, with that being said, we're having a little end of summer bash with a few friends this weekend to send summer away in style. normally i wouldn't send summer away until labor day, but this year, it just feels right. i'm going to do it as nicely as i possibly can.

i love you summer. 

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