Tuesday, July 8, 2014

our fourth of july.

our fourth of july weekend was spent in coalville with my parents and my siblings/spouses. it was yummy food, sand, fireworks, and s'mores.

the day before the 4th, however, the girls and i made our first 'errand run' by ourselves. target of course. it was absolutely successful and made me realize i can do this. it's not so scary. kendall was a champ in the wrap, and brooklyn was a good little shopper like always. phew. we celebrated with drinks and tots at sonic.

friday afternoon we made the trek to coalville. we were so excited! (though you can't tell from the picture)

brooklyn immediately roped grandma into going down to the sand box with her. she'd been dying to play with those sea shells again. my mom was a good sport and hung out with her in the heat for quite awhile.

brooklyn was in heaven.

i really can't capture the real beauty of my parents' backyard and all the landscaping my dad's done, but here is another shot. i love the wildflowers.

after a quick bath to get the sand out of every crevice in her body, brooklyn got a fancy little hair-do from auntie hay. braids. she loves braids. she was pumped. again, you can't tell in the picture.

we missed james so much this weekend. so we made sure to send him lots of snap chats of ourselves so he didn't forget what we looked like.  :)

oh these two. they have a love/hate relationship. here they are 'mostly' loving each other.

right before it got totally dark, we packed up in cars and headed to dev and kenz's house to watch some fireworks. brooklyn was so happy to be at their house. she mostly wanted to just go inside and look around instead of watching the fireworks. not like her. she did get uncle dev to hold her and that made her a little more interested. 

the rest of the weekend involved more sand, some shopping, and lots of s'mores on the deck. it was so relaxing. it's nice to have so much help with brooklyn and kendall on weekends like this, especially when james is gone. my family always steps up and i can't thank them enough. 

we are anxiously awaiting james' arrival tonight and can't wait to love on him and hear all about his weekend. 

h a p p y  t u e s d a y 

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