Thursday, July 10, 2014

this wednesday...

first, a few pictures of my little tiny.

^i spy a glimpse of a fat roll on that thigh.^ 

my in-laws are here at cream gables, and that means we get to go out and eat at some good spots. red robin being the first. my FIL is only here until saturday and this is one of his favorites, so we HAD to go there. we had to. 

due to a tooth issue for the time being, brooklyn ordered mac and cheese and steamed broccoli. she ate quite a bit of it that picky eater of mine.

because she ate so well, papa and uncle jeremy helped her with the game and vending machines. she was thrilled.

we ended the night with shakes and a movie. our house has been stifling lately and luckily, it even cooled down a little while we enjoyed our flick. thank goodness. nursing a warm baby in a hot house, sweaty!

yay for thursday...

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