Friday, July 4, 2014

a little patriotic...

are you ready for some RED. WHITE. and BLUE?

cause there's about to be a lot of it.

my MIL bought/made these darling patriotic dresses for the girls. i couldn't wait to get my hands on them after she sent me a picture. oh my gosh, i love them! and since i'm not sure of our exact plans for the 4th, i decided to hurry and dress the girls up in them and get some pictures. brooklyn was cooperative because i bribed her with rice krispy treats, and kendall was hungry and mad. darn it. but it made for some cute pictures.

anything for a treat.

i still can't believe i have two! 

how cute is kendall's tiny ensemble?

so we've made it just over 24 hours without our husband/daddy. it's been ok. i made my first outing alone with the girls and it went surprisingly well. a target run was even accomplished. i really thought we'd have problems there. thanks to my wrap, and the awesome/huge new carts at target, we made it. 

we all took naps promptly when we got home. well the girls did. i tried, but couldn't quite fall asleep, and i was exhausted. so hopefully we'll be going to bed a tad early tonight. i'm really hoping so. 

i got some cleaning and some laundry done which felt so good. i'm ready to be at my normal pace again. but i know better than that. i'll at least wait another two weeks. four weeks should be long enough right? i sure hope so.

we're looking forward to some family time, s'mores, and sparklers. even if it's without james. we definitely miss him, but wouldn't want him to be anywhere else right now. 

we'll save some sparklers for ya hun!

h a p p y  4th  o f  j.u.l.y.

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