Thursday, July 3, 2014

just the girls.

this past week james' sweet grandpa passed away. it happened really fast and it was definitely a sad thing. my in-laws are in southern utah now, and james headed out tonight to be down there for the funeral. so, it's just us girls for several days. hopefully we'll survive.

i definitely won't be bored.

i decided to try and wear the girls out by spending a chunk of time outside this evening. it was so hot. brooklyn ran around on the tramp, drew with chalk, and snuggled (smashed) kendall every chance she got.

kendall mostly just laid there. she fussed a little bit, but mostly just liked being outside.

i munched on her all night. i just can't help myself.

amid the chaotic moments we'll have over the next few days, i really hope i can enjoy the sweet tender ones. 

good luck to us.

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