Wednesday, May 21, 2014

we've been a little sick over here...

our weekend started off great, great, and wonderful.

we loved hanging out with family at a cousin's wedding and luncheon. kayla and i (brookyln too of course) even got a little shopping in at city creek between events.

^^^the happiest girl on the planet because she got to hold a bouquet.^^^

friday night was super relaxing. we ordered dinner in and just hung out in the backyard until it was time to go to bed.

saturday, we got a few things done around the house, including turning our swamp cooler on for the summer (thank goodness!). we had jc&e over later that evening. we had chinese, made a target run, and ended the night with some girl talk up in my room.

then, i got sick.

way sick.

aches, chills, nausea... the whole nine yards. ugh. it was miserable. sunday morning came and i knew i wouldn't be able to teach my lesson. brooklyn was super stoked to go to primary, so i enjoyed a couple hours of alone time at home. not super great when you can't sleep though. i was so sad about that. i could have made up for lots of lost sleep, but it didn't happen.

when they got home from church, brooklyn immediately stripped down to her undies and james made me soup.

what a guy. i could only eat a few bites, but it was so sweet of him to do that for me. brooklyn was so good for the rest of the day. james relaxed, and i was in bed, and she was so good to entertain herself. at one point she said, "daddy come see my cool trick!" he hurried upstairs and found her doing this:

blowing bubbles on one foot. such a great trick! she was also being well behaved because she had a deal going with mommy and daddy that she had to be a good girl all weekend to earn a nightgown/dress from costco. she totally did her part and earned it for sure. she even has had a little bit of the sickness that i've had and she hasn't been whiny about it at all. for her, that's amazing.

monday morning, and i was still sick. she was good to just hang out with me or do her own thing. i loved all the snuggles i got and the occasional question from her with her hands on my face, "mommy how you feelin?" little sweetheart.

we also got our carpets cleaned that morning. that was one of the last things on the to do list before baby comes. it feels so good to have clean carpets!

she was patient until about eleven monday morning, and then asked when we were going to go meet daddy at costco to get her dress. i really didn't feel up to making that little trip. but she totally earned it and i couldn't let her down. so james agreed to meet us and go inside with her while i waited in the car. she was so excited she could hardly stand it!

and i wish i had a picture of them coming back out the car. it was the same scene as above, but brooklyn was holding her blue princess dress in one hand with the biggest smile on her face. i couldn't help but laugh. she was definitely excited, and was ready to put it on the second she got in the car.

that night for fhe, i decided i could handle a short little drive and that we should go check out the waffle wagon in kaysville. i couldn't really eat any of it, but it was totally worth it. i shared with brooklyn so you can guess what we got our waffle topped with. yep. cookie butter.

james got the nutella and bananas and said it was really good. 

and brooklyn devoured ours, so i think it's safe to say we'll be going back to the waffle wagon.

because i was feeling pretty ok, we extended the festivities and went and fed some ducks. brooklyn shocked us with how brave she was doing it. she got right in their faces and wanted them to basically eat the bread right out of her hand. she was also cracking us up because she was trying to make it fair for all the ducks and when one would steal a piece from another she was sure to scold them a little bit for it. 

^^^and yes, she spent a good 24 hours in her new nightgown/dress.^^^

tuesday rolled around and i was still not feeling 100%. i was bummed too. i thought for sure i'd be better. but dang it. i did venture outside with brooklyn for a little bit to watch her blow some bubbles. definitely her obsession right now. again, she was so good for me all day. she took a good nap and was fine to just be with me on the couch watching movies. 

as much as i've loved all the snuggles and attention she's given me because i haven't felt well, i am so ready to feel better. i have a dr appointment and i really want to feel better for that. i can't wait to see baby girl!

and for brooklyn's sake, she needs her mommy back!

h a p p y  w e d n e s d a y 

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