Friday, May 23, 2014

alive + well

between still feeling a tad sick, a doctor's appointment, another cousin's wedding, young women's activities and everything else, this poor blog has been neglected this week. it always makes me sad when i have these weeks, but i definitely feel more motivated to post the next week. so hopefully that happens.

brooklyn got to have a sleepover at auntie googs and uncle judd's house. she was beyond thrilled to be heading out the door with auntie googs, sleeping bag and all.

she wasn't one bit sad to say goodbye to mommy and daddy. after she was buckled in her car seat and we'd given her kisses, she said, "peace out!" she was so excited! auntie googs spoiled her with an ihop breakfast date the next morning where she got to eat all the pancakes and sticky syrup she wanted. 

wednesday we got to see baby girl. having an ultrasound every time makes me more and more anxious to meet her! she's definitely looking like her big sister. what do you think? i can't wait to kiss those cheeks.

we had a great time at the wedding. mostly because we love spending time with extended family. brooklyn loves playing with my younger cousins (who take such great care of her), and my cousin's kids. it makes my heart so happy. it definitely makes me so excited for our spring haven family reunion next week!

tuesday and thursday nights, while james is at class, brooklyn and i have to get pretty creative with our time. we spend all day alone together, and then extend that into the evening two nights a week. thank goodness for warm weather. brooklyn loves to just be outside, me nearby (reading or something), and occasionally, she wants me to join in on her pretend games. she cracks me up. oh that girl. tonight, she and her cute neighbor friend pretended to be kitties curled up in a blanket. so cute.

so, know that we're alive and well. the sickness hasn't quite left our house, brooklyn seems to have caught a little cold, but other than that, we are happy and well. looking forward to some more family time celebration haley's graduation today. mind blowing i tell ya! and more time with a possible bbq on memorial day. life is good and we truly are blessed.

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g 

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