Monday, May 26, 2014

haley's graduation.

friday night, the last of the holmes kids graduated from high school. my parents can now consider themselves empty nesters. such a crazy thought!

but the graduation was nice. north summit does a great job of keeping their graduations to about an hour, and that was perfect for brooklyn. she was so good the whole time, and thankfully, made it through the whole thing. 

we had dinner at my parents' beforehand: cafe rio burritos and salads, and some brownies, cookies, and ice cream for dessert. it hit the spot!

haley had lots of support and it was fun to have everyone there. there is nothing quite like the support of family and friends.

and brooklyn was so excited to get to spend time with her aunts and uncles. 

^^^she adores these two.^^^

^^^the goofy brothers-in-law^^^

^^^the whole crew^^^

the whole weekend was great. it was super relaxing and we just enjoyed time spent at my parents' house. brooklyn loved all of the attention she had, and james and i enjoyed relaxing. 

and like i said, my parents are now empty nesters.

so, why not buy a motorcycle and plan a trip for the fall?

^^^the girls loved taking a little ride with grandma and grandpa on the 'hog'. obviously, they did not ride like this. it was just the easiest way to get everyone in the picture.^^^

as for baby girl and me. we're now at 35 weeks and we've grown to capacity. i'm really not sure how she can get any bigger. it's not possible. i can tell she's experiencing tight quarters with every one of her little movements. but we want to keep her in there until her scheduled c-section date. we really do. as uncomfortable as i am getting, i really want her to stay in there until she absolutely has to come out. and it's hard to say that with how anxious i am to meet her and have her here. because really. i am so anxious!

h a p p y  memorial  d a y

p.s. 2 months from today and that little girl ^^^ will be 3. THREE. i can't hardly stand it.  

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