Thursday, May 1, 2014

day three.

day three. 

{happy may.}

day three was definitely a good day. i did one thing on the nursery in the morning, and then finished the rest in the evening after young womens. why was this good?

because i got to watch this cute little peanut while her mommy went to the dentist. she was such a good baby and even took a nap for me. and believe me, those kissable cheeks were kissed right to death.

and while that little sweetie was in her slumber, i was able to start my registry on (because you get discounts and stuff when it's all over and done with) and check off one of my major to-do's before baby gets here. thanks to the help of my mom, i found baby girl's going home from the hospital outfit. on my mom's side of the family, it's kind of a big deal/tradition, whatever you want to call it, that new babies go home from the hospital in white. my grandma and aunt barbara always say that newborns are the perfect pink color and they don't bright fancy colors and outfits to make them look cute. they are precious and adorable in their fresh pink skin and a clean white outfit. i've totally gotten sucked into this and become obsessed with the going-home-outift. brooklyn's was a soft two piece outfit, but for this baby i wanted a one piece. a white one piece. i wasn't having any luck until my mom pointed me in the right direction.

and we found this.

oh i love it. it's so sweet and simple, and perfect for a summer baby to go home in. i seriously can't wait to get my hands on it. 

brooklyn and i got to hang out with chelsea and ellie for a large chunk of the day. we got my MIL her mother's day gift and we can't wait for her to get it! we got lunch and enjoyed some girl talk. just the kind of afternoon i needed in the middle of this crazy project week. 

like i said, after young womens, i came home and got to work again. this time, it was getting brooklyn's drawers organized. it was one of those tasks that felt so good and such a relief to have over with. and maybe i'm being dramatic. i was doing all of that after 9 PM so i was dragging. i can't to enjoy these clean organized drawers in the days to come. such a simple pleasure.

^^^brooklyn's favorite books right now^^^

^^^her loooong hair^^^

and this cute girl lucked out while i was away at young womens. her daddy took her to two parks, he helped her fly her kite again, he pushed her on the swings, let her play at the park, got her a jamba juice, and later, a shake. she was spoiled rotten. lucky for me, she was still excited to see me when i got home, even though i'm not as fun as he is. 

we are so excited it's may! i love being able to say that I'M HAVING A BABY NEXT MONTH! now technically, it's really almost two months, but it's still next month. and i love it! so welcome,

W E L C O M E  M A Y

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