Wednesday, April 9, 2014

sand + park

oh this weather we're having! oh man. it's happy, bright, and honestly exhausting me to my core. who knows. at least i was happy and tired right? 

brooklyn got to play with her favorite neighbor friends, and go to the park twice. twice. she was in heaven. mostly though, she wanted to play in the sand. i think she went down the slide four times and the rest of the time, she wanted to 'build sand castles'. oh that girl.

before her daddy came to the rescue with an ice scraper, she patiently used a plastic spoon to dig in the sand. spoonful by spoonful, she filled that bucket half way with sand. she was so proud of herself.

(yes, she did have a little outfit change. too much sand the first time.)

when james arrived, he took over as park-watch-parent and i headed home to make dinner. we scarfed down our fajitas and then snuggled up on the couch to enjoy a show together. it was so nice. i love nights like these. and days.
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