Tuesday, April 8, 2014

happy list.

things that made me happy today:

1. this little one sleeping in her big girl bed. blows my mind how big she looks.

2. eating breakfast with her and having a nice slow morning.

3. putting fresh clean sheets on my bed.

4. a quick visit from my parents. brooklyn was so happy to see them.

5. a nice organized freezer, thanks to my husband. like i've said before, he's much better at organizing than i am.

6. folding brooklyn's pants, shirts, and jammies and feeling overwhelmingly grateful to be a mother.

7. fresh flowers from my husband. before we walked in the door, he pulled a single tulip out for brooklyn so that she could have her very own. i think it's safe to say that flowers make her just as happy as they do her mama.

8. not having to make dinner. james did it all.

9. ending our family night with a shake (cookie dough & brownie) in the front seat of the car. i loved it. the shake was awesome too.

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