Monday, April 7, 2014

april conference weekend 2014

conference weekend brings with it a lot of tradition, excitement, and definitely peace. i honestly start looking forward to the next one the monday after it's over. i absolutely love it. it has definitely changed for me as i've hit different stages in my life, getting married, becoming a mother, etc. and becoming a mother has made it a little harder to listen and concentrate on every talk. but i wouldn't have it any other way.

quick brooklyn interruption: she obsessed with things having families. everything has to belong to a family. whether they all look alike or are totally different things, they have to belong to a family. this photo underneath shows three of brooklyn's beloved toys lined up in a row. daddy, mommy, and baby. she is constantly doing this with stuffed animals, kitchen utensils, her food, anything and everything basically. i love this about her. family is already super important to her. and honestly, it's really the only thing she knows right now, but i hope it sticks with her. family IS important and everyone should belong to a family.

conference traditions:

early morning grocery shopping trip to kent's market for their super saturday sale - james went solo this year so that i could sleep in. we got our usual hamburger, and scored an awesome deal on strawberries.

something sweet for breakfast - james brought home fresh hot donuts from kent's. i ate two. i need to be stopped.

homemade bread

not pictured:

jeremy and chelsea (and now ellie) joining us to listen to the second session

the boys going to the priesthood session together

girls' night out - we got take out, crafted, and visited the night away


this year my parents were out of town, so my siblings and i decided we should all still get together and watch conference together.

butterscotch rolls - haley was a trooper and made sure we got to eat these for breakfast. 

treats - more sugar than anyone needs. we had a mountain.

dinner between sessions - whit made a killer lasagna and the rest of us pitched in to make the meal complete.

brooklyn and liv enjoyed a nap during the second session in grandma and grandpa's bed. 

by the end of the day they were done being cooped up in the house and wanted some fresh air. they played on the deck for awhile and thoroughly enjoyed themselves (while their nervous mommies watched from the windows inside).

they really do love each other.

and i've waited looooong enough to share this on the blog. the happiest news in the world!

whit is expecting too! our due dates are exactly two months apart. i love that we get to be pregnant together and that her pregnancy has been a good and healthy one so far. we are so excited to be adding a boy to the holmes grandchildren line-up.

and as for me, i am beyond excited to be in my third trimester! i really can't explain my feelings. it definitely starts to get super real at this point and i have lots to do before this sweet babe makes her way into the world. besides the fact that a few of the things on my to-do list seem daunting, i'm excited to get them done because that means we are almost at the end of this pregnancy and i'll have a baby in my arms at the end of it. brooklyn talks more and more about her baby sister as the days go on, but i really think the transition for her is going to be a tough one. i can only pray that she will adjust with time and lots of love and patience from her mommy and daddy. 

we can't wait to meet this little bundle of pink.

^i think brooklyn's saying "woohoo for the 3rd trimester!"^
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