Thursday, April 3, 2014


tuesday night, we got to celebrate my dad and his awesome coaching career. and like he said in his speech, it is definitely bitter-sweet because being put into the utah sports hall of fame means his coaching career is over. we all (as his family) miss him coaching.

it was a special occasion full of special people from my dad's life. he had 90 supports there (at the ballroom at the little america) and that's amazing. we were all overwhelmed by the support. 

and the food wasn't bad either.

it was so fun to sit at a table with my siblings, their spouses, and my parents. it was sad not having james there, but he had class darn it. we had a great time visiting and celebrating together. we were anxious the whole time for my dad's turn to finally come. he did not disappoint. i only wish they would have given him more time. 

it got over a lot later than we thought, but it was fun to stay around for a little bit after and visit with family. it really was awesome for them all to come and support my dad. but that's what family's about right?

my siblings and i talked about growing up on the football field thursday nights (helping paint the field), summers spent helping clean out the locker room, weight training, at basketball games and tournaments, and loving every second of it. we loved being a part of it and because of my dad we got to be. we got to sit in our hotel room at state basketball and listen to my dad give one last final pep talk to his senior players. i cried every time. no joke. even at the tender age of five. we all connected with and loved my dad's players just like he did. we did. we loved it all. 

and i'm so glad we got to do it as a family.

congratulations again dad! we love you!

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