Tuesday, April 15, 2014

half + half

this weekend was definitely a half & half-er. half productive, and half relaxing. i thoroughly enjoyed both parts. brooklyn got a lot of park time. some of that even being with her favorite friend shane. friday, she got to go to the park twice. she was in heaven over that. the evening park session involved daddy, some chinese take-out, hoodies, and a nice sunset. can't complain about that.

friday morning we took a quick trip to the library. i felt guilty because we honestly hadn't been in a few months. my motivation was to pick up a book i'd been on the waiting list for since january. in fact, i've had four books on hold for months and it's looking like they're all going to be ready to come home with me within a week of each other. that means i'll be reading a lot. i can't wait.

not pictured is brooklyn and i waiting for an hour at a car dealership to get my oil changed. it was quite  a challenge keeping brooklyn entertained in a place like that for so long. lucky for us, they had free popcorn. so we munched on popcorn and watched videos of baby animals on my phone, per brooklyn's request.
 ^^^fun park time with her buddies^^^

after a nice little sand fight at the park, i threw brooklyn in a bubble bath to get all the sand off her hair. she was in heaven getting to bathe at night AND have a bubble bath. it's the simple things in life right?

saturday morning had james up bright and early to go play basketball and then bring home breakfast in bed for brooklyn and i. we're so spoiled. then we put on our work clothes and started a long day of yard work. longer for james. but we definitely got a lot done. getting yard work done is one of the most satisfying things. at the end of the day, even if my house is a bit messy, i still feel great because i can look out my window and breathe a sigh of relief.

brooklyn helped do a few things and then started a snail collection. this included both dead and living snails. after that though, she requested a nap.

saturday night came and we were all exhausted. we had help from our neighbors and j&c, spreading bark in our flower beds. it was so nice. but we were pooped. james had crock potted a delicious meal of bbq pork/chicken and rice. it filled us up and had us ready to hit the hay. 

brooklyn thrives on routine. seriously thrives. if we try and switch it up, she goes a little crazy. her bedtime routine since moving into her big girl room has been, stories read to her by daddy, and then i go in and sing to her and tickle her back. it just works. she loves to spend short amounts of time in her room. especially looking at her books. a few of her favorites right now are: silly sally, don't let the pigeon drive the bus, and little mermaid. i love that she loves to read.

and as for our other little girl, she is growing like a weed. she's most active in the middle of the night which makes me a tad nervous because her big sister did the same and her sleeping habits were not good. oh boy. hopefully we can deal with it better the second time. 

29 weeks.

i'm more happy than i can put into words. i'm so grateful for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy growing baby so far. i know that these little spirits are miracles and i feel so blessed to be entrusted with two daughters of my heavenly father. definitely a big task, but i wouldn't want it any other way. 

h a p p y  t u e s d e e 

p.s. we are so excited for easter festivities these weekend. but first, brooklyn needs to practice her egg hunting. 

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