Wednesday, April 16, 2014

a little practice.

tuesday night called for a little egg hunting practice. like i said, we don't quite know what we're (brooklyn) doing when it comes to that whole tradition. so we invited some friends over and had ourselves a little practice. 

she couldn't wait for them to come over. she knocked on the door and told them we were ready. then she patiently waited. while we were waiting, she told me she was going to find all the pink eggs. and seriously, that's the strategy she went with until i told her she needed to pick up the orange and green and blue ones too. she is such a girly girl.

shane was all business and knows how to collect a big ol basket of eggs. brooklyn kind of followed behind him and picked up the eggs she liked. hopefully that competitive spirit kicks in at some point. 

they were a little confused to open their eggs and not find anything inside. darn it. hopefully that'll make saturday's hunt even more exciting.

after they found all the eggs, we did it all over again. brooklyn was a little better on round two to pick up all the other colors. oh that girl. she is won't be rushed and she's fine to just be there. i hope this means she'll have less anxiety than i did as a child. carefree sounds good to me. a little carefree.

(check out that smolder!)

so with our egg hunting practice out of the way, that means all we have left to do is dye some eggs. of course, that's our 'worldly' easter to do list. there is still the importance of teaching brooklyn the true meaning of easter and why this time of year is so special to us. teaching her about baby jesus will definitely be more easy than teaching her about his death and resurrection, but hopefully with time it'll become something she understands and holds special in her heart. being her mother, with the responsibility of teaching her the important things, can definitely cause me stress and anxiety, but i also love teaching her about these things and having her bring them up later or ask questions. it's a huge responsibility and i do my best to teach her. i hope she'll always look forward to the fun traditions of these holidays, but that she'll also remember and cherish the true meanings. cause that's what this is all about.

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