Monday, April 21, 2014

easter weekend 2014

our easter festivities started friday morning with some easter pictures of brooklyn and ellie in their matching dresses from nana. we took them at a house in kaysville that i have a huge crush on, and our backdrop did not disappoint. it was quite the process and not super fun for the girls, but we got some sweet pictures of them.

later that afternoon we all met up again for a little easter egg dying. brooklyn was in heaven over this. she wanted to dye a million eggs bright pink! but she was eventually convinced to try a few other colors.

the boys picked up some burgers for dinner and we ended the night with a movie and a sleepover. it was a late one, but i always get so excited to set out brooklyn's easter basket. we have kept the tradition that i grew up with and having the peter cottontail stop by the house friday night instead of saturday.

brooklyn didn't get to see her easter basket goodies until we got back from the city egg hunt. she loved the egg hunt this year. she went crazy grabbing eggs and putting them in her bag, but she was most excited about snagging a pink easter basket as well. 

then it was back home to see what peter cottontail brought.

i love the stage that brooklyn is in right now because she gets super excited over every little thing. she loved everything in her basket and was so excited about her "motorcycle" and her kite.

we pulled her away from her goodies to head to another egg hunt. probably not one we'll do again in the future, but jeremy, chels, and ellie joined us so it made it more fun. the hunt was at sonic (our favorite!) so after the hunt we sat down and ordered a snack.

(the only picture of all 3 of us from the weekend)

due to all the fun and late night, i headed home for a nap. james took care of brooklyn and her nap. it was so nice to sleep for a little bit. when i woke up, we packed up the car, grabbed a late lunch at great harvest, and then headed to the park to fly our kite.

brooklyn loved it! she was constantly saying, "this is the best thing ever!" james and i both giggled and laughed the whole time. we love to see her enjoy herself so much. the wind was perfect and she was able to keep the kite up all by herself for quite awhile. 

for the rest of the weekend she kept bringing up her kite. so i imagine on the next good and windy day, we'll be out doing just that.

after she was exhausted from kite flying, we piled in the car and headed for coalville. we ate dinner and visited for the rest of the night. late. i love late nights like those, my pregnant self has a hard time. i definitely went to bed well before everyone else. i hate missing out darn it.

sunday, we all got up and got ready for church. i loved singing the hymns about our savior and his sacrifice for us. the whole reason we celebrate this weekend. i tried really hard to focus on just that and really feel the spirit. brooklyn behaved well and fell asleep at the end of the meeting. she had way too much fun the previous two days.

easter dinner was delicious as usual. i ate way too much and baby let me know. it is crazy to think that this was the last major holiday we'll celebrate as a family of three and that this sweet little babe will be here in just two short months.

after dinner there was another round of naps. then it was pie and dying easter eggs again. brooklyn couldn't have been more happy to do this again. grandma gave her a whole bunch to dye all by herself. she was pleased as punch and felt like a pro.

kayla quickly took some pictures of the cute little cousins that evening and it was quite a circus act. brooklyn was happy to sit and pose (again) for about three minutes. then she and liv just wanted to play. i snapped a few, but kayla definitely got the good ones. 

at the end of the day, brooklyn got introduced to a tradition i grew up with and never understood: rolling our colored eggs down the hill. brooklyn got a kick out of it but was a little concerned about it ruining her egg. she and liv stayed right by their eggs and followed them all the way down the hill. 

it was a fun way to end the evening. we loved spending time with family, remembering our savior, watching brooklyn learn and participate in traditions, and just being together (healthy and happy). we look forward to many more of these and can't wait to add another little one to all the traditional fun. 

and now, my least favorite weekly bump picture so far...

but just remember how much i did this weekend, this picture being taken at nine o'clock in the pm, the fact that my jacket makes me look HUGE, and tack that on to how haggard i look. okay? hopefully next week will be a better one. we sure are excited to be at 30 weeks though! let the countdown begin. single digit weeks from here on out! wahoooooooo!!!

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

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