Tuesday, April 22, 2014

monday + swig

monday mornings can go one of two ways for me. i either wake up super happy and super motivated with a plan to conquer a huge to-do list, or i wake up tired and really just hoping to make it through my weekly laundry. today i woke up happy and motivated. thank the heavens. i had a lot to get done. 

i got brooklyn breakfast and then started the laundry. getting that first batch in makes me want to do a happy dance. it's like starting that big hike up a mountain, it just takes that first step. i ate my breakfast quickly, and then got going on a few other things while brooklyn finished hers. it's amazing how much i can accomplish while she's in her high chair with her breakfast. she eats nice and slowly. as soon as she's done, she's ready for the tub. while she's in the tub, i can usually get the bathroom cleaned and brooklyn's bed made (right across the hall). then, it's lotion, vitamins, teeth brushed, and dressed. 

i kept working on the laundry and a few other projects that have been driving me crazy lately. it felt good to get those little things done. however, the rest of my house suffered a little. we ate a late lunch and brooklyn promptly asked to take a nap. while she napped, i rewarded myself with a thirty minute reading break out in the good ol sunshine. it felt good! 

then, i put my clean sheets back on my bed and put in another batch of laundry. by the time i got some things folded and put away, she was up and ready to play with all her little easter trinkets. we had playdough, silly puddy, and bouncy balls everywhere. she knows how to make a mess quickly. 

we went outside to pick a few weeds in the yard and brooklyn watered some of the plants. after awhile it was time i thought about putting dinner together. i was starving by that point and by the time it was ready, brooklyn and i sat down to eat ten minutes before james got home. i was exhausted at this point. i didn't have any gas left in my tank. luckily, we had a fun little outing planned for family home evening. 

cookies and drinks at swig in bountiful with kayla and judd. it was just what i needed. a little time out of the house, some sugar, and family time. totally hit the spot. it almost felt like a summer night and it made me absolutely giddy for next month to arrive! i'm not wishing this month away because i'm loving spring as well. when i open my windows i can smell lilac bushes galore! i love it. i love it. we're obviously looking forward to summer so we can meet the newest little member of our family, but i am definitely enjoying the spring we're having so far. a little more rain wouldn't hurt. our lawn and flowers need a big ol drink. 

because of my productive day, this is how i work, i am rewarding myself tomorrow with some more reading time. like, a big chunk. i'm right in the middle of my book and i can hardly stand to not be progressing more quickly. so, a reading reward it is. 

also, i accomplished the goal i set this morning of drinking 120 ounces of water. i seriously need this much water every day, but i usually only drink about 75. it helps with my leg aches a lot, and selfishly it makes baby move a lot more than when i don't drink ice cold water. i love feeling her move all the time. it's my absolute favorite. as i type this, she's doing some karate chop moves to the left side of my stomach. {happiness}

so here's to another day. may it be productive but relaxing all at once.

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