Tuesday, March 4, 2014

sometimes i...

get a lot done on mondays and sometimes i don't. this monday was half and half. i finished my laundry by 1, got it folded, and then it sat in baskets begging to be put away. brooklyn and i met james for lunch and then promptly came home for a nap, brooklyn not me. 

i spent probably four minutes total in "the big girl room" today. i really want it finished, but i'm definitely at a stand still for right now. brooklyn is getting anxious for this to be her room. it just keeps getting put off. and honestly, i get a little emotional thinking about moving her 'out of the nursery' and into a 'big girl' room. so i think part of me is making this process a little more slow than i would normally do things. i jumped into it gung-ho, but once it started to become real... i think i started to panic a little bit. i'm pretty sure this isn't even just pregnancy hormones. every change for that little girl of mine up to this point has been hard for me. except for the potty training. hooray for that!

(an itsy bitsy sneak peek of 'the big girl room')

so yes, the laundry got done. i also made dinner and got my dishwasher unloaded and loaded. but folks, that's pretty much it. my energy levels as of late have been flat. i even tried drinking a little extra water today to maybe help that along. i'm not sure it helped. but it's ok. my energy will be back in no time. hopefully so i can get tasks done like going through totes of baby clothes, picking the ones that are keepers again this time, and getting them organized and putting them away. right now that task seems daunting. exciting, but daunting.

after dinner, we made a quick run to target (where i scored an awesome deal on flannel sheets for brooklyn's big girl bed) and then to get smoothies. the rest of the evening was relaxing for brooklyn and me while james did homework. 

he is knee deep in his master's program and we feel so blessed. i am so grateful for this next step in our lives and that james is excited and willing to take it. we definitely miss him on tuesday and thursday nights, but in just a little less than two years, it'll all be so so worth it!

(holy remnants of christmas and other odds and ends! this room will be the last tackled before baby comes.)

after our laundry is put away and our teeth are brushed, we'll hit the road with james and accompany him to salt lake. james loves our company and we love tagging along. so the laundry must be put away. every stitch. or we aren't going. 

(or we might still...)

h a p p y  t u e s d a y 

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