Monday, March 3, 2014

bringing in march.

man we're excited over here... so excited it's march! the weather was beautiful today (sunday) and it totally felt like spring. it has definitely made me a little more anxious for baby to come. but we've still got a long while for that because we're only at 23 weeks.

 but boy has my bump popped in the last two weeks. seriously, one morning it was just like BAM, your baby grew a foot over night! i love getting to this point though honestly. baby is bigger, she moves all the time, and i look totally pregnant. i. love. it.

the weekend was spent with friends and family. i worked on "the big girl room" a little bit. definitely not as much as i wanted to, but we're getting there. brooklyn loves hanging out in there while i'm working on different things. she loves to say, "come in my new room guys!" hopefully it can be done within the next week.

saturday afternoon i got to meet up with my friends for lunch. we met at johnny rockets at farmington station. good food. interesting service. great company! it was a short visit, which made me sad, but it's always good to see them.

i ordered a tuna melt (and fries of course) and it totally hit he spot. this pregnant girl loves her food! ok, who am i kidding... HA! i love food always.

friday afternoon was a trip to ikea. chelsea and ellie were nice enough to accompany us on the journey. it really, was a quick trip and we were back in bountiful in no time. bountiful because we wanted to try fiiz, a swig knock-off. my friend katie met us there and we had a grand ol' time eating sugar cookies, drinking fun drinks, and hanging out with every junior high student in bountiful. yep, us and junior high kids. herds of them. we'll be going back next time during school hours. but we'll definitely be going back.

(james took this outside of fiiz. just a look into the future...14 years down the road. holy scary!)

the rest of the weekend was relaxing. 

sunday evening, kayla and judd came over to watch a little bit of the oscars and kayla helped me with brooklyn's room. bless her heart. dealing with my indecisiveness is not fun. but we did make a few decisions.  

today i'm looking forward to laundry (not), some sunshine, and eating more of these. 

target knock-off stuff is legit!
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