Tuesday, March 18, 2014

rainbow pancakes

ahh... st.patrick's day. a good excuse for some silly-fun traditions. this year i went ahead and tried the classic, rainbow pancakes. i've been wanting to try them since pink pancake day back in my kindergarten teaching days. it turned out to be pretty darn easy. the colors were a little more pastel than i imagined, but brooklyn was thrilled all the same.

i told her i was making them the night before and she didn't forget. the first words out of her mouth were, "we're eating rainbow pancakes for breakfast?" so we dove right in. she ended up only eating the red, or as she called it, the pink one. i ate the yellow, orange, and green ones. the others were rejects. or so i thought. i left them out during the day and by bed time, she had finished the others. the whole rainbow got eaten. 

the rest of the day we did nothing to do with the green holiday. we ran errands out in the crazy wind and then did laundry, naps, and introduced brooklyn to the wonderful world of scissors. she went crazy for hours. after, of course, she was armed with a pair of 'kid scissors' and taught the safe way to hold them. she was also told a hundred times that, "we only cut paper. right?" she was super obedient all day about it. but we'll see what the future holds. by dinner time, there was a pile underneath her little table of tiny little pieces of paper. fun mess. not. either way, she is proud of her new skill and i'm glad she shows interest in those things. 

(the rejects)

bring it on  t u e s d a y !

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