Monday, March 17, 2014

a happy weekend.

the weekend started for james and i on thursday night. brooklyn and i had been in coalville all that day working on some stuff for a production at good ol' north summit high. brooklyn lucked out and got to spend most of the day with her grandma. so when i got done doing what i was doing, she was convinced she was staying. auntie hay insisted. so i let her. she wasn't one bit sad to see me leave. in fact, as i was walking out the door, she grabbed my hand and said, "have a good day mama!" 

so, i called james on my way home and we declared it a date night.

we hit up red robin for some delicious burgers (and pounds of those dang fries) with plans to see a movie afterward, but dang, these ol' parents just couldn't do it. so we grabbed coldstone on the way home, got in our sweats, and watched the office until a whopping ten o'clock and then called it a night. but seriously, just going out to eat just the two of us and having a two hour conversation was awesome. we needed it. it was so nice. though we definitely missed that spirited little toddler of ours.

the next morning, being childless, i had big plans to get a lot of things done. i went and got my car washed and vacuumed, and then home to dust, vacuum, clear out brooklyn's clothes in the dresser in the nursery (i hate putting clothes away knowing she won't ever wear them again. hate it.), kitchen cleaned, and then i got ready for the day and relaxed people. it. was. so nice.

james arrived home around one and got right to work on changing the brakes in his car. he saves us money doing this and i'm grateful he's willing to take the time to do it. i went outside for a little bit to keep him company while we waited for brooklyn to get home.

brooklyn got to go shopping with grandma and auntie hay the night before. i kept getting pictures of her all done up so cute.

it made me so anxious to see her cute little face. haley brought her home and stayed for a sleepover. i was so glad that brooklyn was happy to see us. she kept squeezing her arms around my neck and saying, "i missed you mama. i missed you so much." and i melted right into a puddle on the driveway.

we dined on costa vida for dinner and then vegged the rest of the evening. j&c came over later to visit for a little while and it was just nice. nice and relaxing.

thank goodness for that, because saturday morning we hit the ground running. haley got brooklyn tubbed and ready for the day (and then kept her entertained) while i cut james' hair, and then while we got our bedroom switched around for spring/summer which is quite the process. thank goodness for her help! she left shortly after that and once brooklyn was down for a nap, we headed outside to do some major yard work. several hours later, we were gross and tired. but felt so good knowing we'd accomplished everything on our to do list.

to finish off the day, we met up with friends in kaysville for some awesome corn dogs. if you live in davis county (and even if you don't), you need to hit this place up. totally worth the $5 for a ginormous corn dog and soda. get the honey. you won't regret it.

we can't visit kaysville in warmer weather without a quick walk down to see and feed the llamas. we brought red peppers but the llamas weren't having it. we lucked out that a sweet little boy came by with a bag of carrots and was willing to share. brooklyn shocked us and fed a llama three carrots. like, she put them right into its' mouth. i couldn't believe it. girl is not brave with animals. she can't wait to go back and do it again.

we had a nice sunday and ended it with a walk and some pasta. the week ahead looks nice and busy and we hope to keep up and get a few more things done, pre-new baby. she seems to be growing steadily because i wake up bigger every day. i love feeling all the jabs, kicks, and rolls. i will definitely miss it. we're getting close to the 100 day countdown and can hardly believe it's getting so close. 

(post sunday nap)

h a p p y  st. patrick's  d a y !

p.s. i found out that swig is coming to bountiful at the end of this month or early april. i'm dying. swig cookies + pregnant me = lots of time together in the next few months!
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