Wednesday, March 12, 2014


our tuesday...

hmm... it was a very normal day. breakfast, baths, teeth brushed, dressed, and then brooklyn colored. i did a few odd jobs around the house while she stayed super occupied drawing rapunzel's hair, "feet prints", and all sorts of other things. my odd jobs included: some dusting, folding laundry, unclogging a a drain, loading and unloading the dishwasher, and then i was done folks. 

we munched on some apples and cheese. then had more cheese for lunch, quesadilla style. brooklyn willingly went down for a nap and i watched some shows. it was a nice slow afternoon. after brooklyn woke up, it was dress up and more coloring. then she shocked the life out of me and put away every single one of her belongings. she stuffed them all into this dress up box she has. i have never seen her more proud. however, when i asked her to do it again before bedtime, it was a no go. we'll see if it happens again. 

dinner was asparagus and pasta, and then my blessed girl scout cookies showed up. 

(she loves her asparagus)

we dove into those cookies head first after dinner. oh boy. i need to lock up them until the weekend rolls around. i have a killer sweet tooth right now and it took every ounce of self discipline in me to not eat a whole box!

(not pictured - __ more boxes of cookies not pictured)

the rest of the evening was slow. james was at school so we entertained ourselves the best we could. there was more dress up. lots of brooklyn washing her hands over and over again and also, figuring out how to put her big girl underwear on after she goes to the bathroom. she was pumped. again, we'll see if it happens again tomorrow. those underwear are tricky.

today we look forward to a little sunshine, a target run, and spending time with daddy. we haven't seen him for two nights now. 

h a p p y  hump  d a y 

p.s. brooklyn swallowed a tiny little bead before dinner. she's terrified for it to come out. stay tuned.

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