Tuesday, March 11, 2014

24 weeks.

i can't stop and i won't stop, continuing to say how grateful i am to be pregnant again. i am grateful to be at twenty-four weeks, and i am so grateful that baby girl is healthy. i'm also pretty sure she's a happy little thing. she moves all the time, but i think she's content to take some long naps as well. brooklyn loves to talk to her and ask lots of questions. most commonly: baby sister are you sleeping in there?

i love it.

brooklyn is getting to the point now that she's asking when she can come out, or she wants me to get her out right now. i hope that means she's excited. and even if she is, the excitement could change once she's here and taking up a lot of my time. time away from her (brooklyn). i'm not too worried because i know that it will eventually all work itself out. they will eventually love each other and maybe even love when i dress them the same. we'll see.

i am feeling really good these days. my energy is definitely down from about a month ago and i'm not sleeping very well, but by dang, i'll take it. if i really get going in the morning and stay productive until brooklyn goes down for her nap, then i can get a lot accomplished and i don't feel too guilty about dinner being the only other thing i accomplish during the rest of the day. 

the big news of the past week is that james is calling baby girl by the same name that brooklyn calls her. the name that i love. it could definitely change. james hasn't been a huge fan of this name from the beginning so i've been telling him to come up with other names to tell me so that they can be up for consideration as well. he hasn't really come up with any so we'll see. but hearing baby called by a name melts my heart. just like it did with brooklyn.

oh brooklyn. potty training is still going well. she's really good at recognizing when she needs to go and lets us know, or just goes and does it on her own. knock on wood. she can even hold it if we're a few minutes away from home. bless her for that. she's sleeping in her big girl bed still. she basically falls asleep for the night and doesn't move until morning. with the exception of last night when she had a few nightmares, we're calling this transition a success. both of these big changes (potty training + big girl bed) have made her seem to grow up over night. i love it and i hate it. i want to hold onto every last bit of her being so little. i am also so excited to see her become a big sister. i can't wait to see her give the baby kisses and want to comfort her when she cries. and i hope that through the chaos of learning how to be a mama of two that i can cherish those precious moments and be grateful. 

moments like today. we met james for lunch and brooklyn was being out of control and i really just wanted to pack her up and go home. then i watched her share an ice cream cone with her daddy. it totally melted my heart and brought me down to earth again. she can be so sweet. most of the time she is, but it's easy to forget. so these moments need to be cherished.

h a p p y  t u e s d a y 

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