Monday, March 10, 2014

disney on ice + a wedding + a birthday

friday afternoon couldn't have come fast enough for brooklyn. that poor girl had to suffer through lunch and a nap before we could get ready to head to salt lake for disney on ice. she was so so excited! as she soon as she woke up, we got her dressed up like a princess and out the door we went. bags packed for the weekend in coalville.

we walked in as soon as the show started and brooklyn didn't know what to think. she'd seen the commercials advertising the show, but i honestly think she thought we were going to watch a movie, not watch it all in person. we were pretty close to the ice and she didn't take her eyes off of it for one second.

not a great picture, but i loved the beauty & the beast part. 

we stopped on our way up the stairs for a picture because it was crazy getting out of there. lots and lots of little princesses and their parents.

we quickly grabbed dinner and were on our way to colby's reception. 

we spent the night in coalville and james and i were up early for different commitments we had, and then we were all off to the jordan river temple for colby and zaina's sealing. the weather was beautiful for the happy couple. so excited for them.

their luncheon was delicious to boot.

also, we couldn't leave west jordan without making a little stop at dunford bakers. holy donuts. delicious. go there.

it was a race to beat my parents home so we could set up for my mom's little surprise birthday celebration. with a little bit of decor and a twinkie cake with grape soda (inside family story), we were ready for the birthday girl.

kayla got party hats.

blowing bubbles while we waited to do presents and cake.

during the present opening, a little mishap with a weight down the stairs had us all gasping and then laughing. oops.

singing to the birthday girl.

we were all in sugar comas after the cake (pop, donuts, desserts at the luncheon) and ended up lounging and visiting. my favorite. then we all hit the hay too late with the time change, and struggled to get up for church. but we made it.

we enjoyed sunday dinner together, then naps, and then we hit the road again.

because today is her actual birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! you are beautiful inside and out and so selfless. i love you more than i can say and i'm so grateful to have you in my life (and living relatively close to me). i love you tons!


h a p p y  m o n d a y

to the rest of you!

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