Friday, March 7, 2014

it was raining out

on this super drizzly day, we made a productive trip to costco to stock up on a few things. great deals this week! chels and ellie came too and that little tiny baby was so good to peruse the aisles with us. luckily for brooklyn, her daddy showed up half way into it and took her to run around in the toy aisles. she was thrilled! good daddy. 

then it was a quick lunch back at home and chels and i caught up on...well we hadn't seen each other since saturday so that means we have lots to talk about. it was good. i munched on ellie's cheeks and then they headed out.

brooklyn woke up pretty soon after and wanted her nails painted. since i had just painted mine, she wanted the same color: purple. special purple to match her princess dress that she'll be sporting to disney on ice tomorrow. she's pumped! and i was just happy to get a springy color on my nails. 

james came home, quickly had dinner and then worked on some homework before he headed to class. brooklyn and i put on brave faces and started making plans for the night. mostly, it was coloring for brooklyn, and then we watched tangled together. brooklyn was happy to talk about princesses all night and was totally fine to play by herself, but i insisted on some cuddle time. luckily she gives that freely, and i love it. 

we have a lot of plans this weekend and we're totally looking forward to them!

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g 

p.s. the first night in the big girl bed was a total success! after james left her to fall asleep there was a little yelling, so i quickly ran to the rescue (i need to be tougher). i sang her a few songs and rubbed her back. she was out in five minutes. she stayed in there all night and had the best sleep she's had in a long time. we'll see how night #2 goes.

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