Thursday, March 20, 2014


the last few days (and nights), due to a cold, i've had a lot of down time. no energy + no sleep = gives me a lot of time to think. my thoughts and feelings have gone automatically to being a mom. a mom to brooklyn, a mom to this new baby, and doing it the best i can. when i think about it too much or too hard, i get so overwhelmed i can't even see straight. the pressures of being a mom, a good one at that, are huge. normally, i'm good at not thinking too much about it. i just go about my daily routines and try to do my best. i really can't let myself dwell on or think about all the things i'm not doing well. but honestly right now, my feelings about being a mom are positive. i'm so excited to be a mom to two.

for the first time during this pregnancy, i had a dream about baby #2. it was exciting. crazy, but exciting. it made it so much more real. while i was pregnant with brooklyn, i had dreams about being pregnant all the time. dreams make it all seem real. then to put faces to these babies make it crazy real. 

she's definitely looking a lot like her big sister.

brooklyn actually looked up at the ultrasound screen today and knew the baby on there was her baby sister. i doubt it made it more real for her. she calls her by her name all day every day. she talks to her through my belly and it's the sweetest. praying they get along when baby's on the outside. we'll see.

h a p p y  1st  d a y  o f   s p r i n g 

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