Thursday, March 27, 2014

rain + a birthday

brooklyn's mood matched the weather the second she woke up. i didn't think either of us would make it through the day. luckily, after a tummy full of breakfast and a bath, she was back to her regular happy little camper self. we ran a few errands in the rain and she thought it was a riot. the whole time she sang songs like, "oh mister sun, sun, mister golden sun...", and "rain rain go away..." it definitely made the rain a little more tolerable.

and honestly...

i am super happy about the rain. we need it! last summer was a nightmare as far as water goes. i hand watered our lawn for a month, and then by the end of the summer, we couldn't even turn our sprinklers on more than twice a week. our poor lawn burnt right up. it made me so sad. my in-laws always had this yard looking so nice and to see it like that was a nightmare. so hopefully this summer the water situation will be better.

luckily, brooklyn was content to keep herself busy inside and she didn't really complain about not being able to play outside. she took a good nap and upon waking up, announced that she was ready to go to "aunt tenny's"(kenzee's) to take her her birthday present. she was so excited. we picked up a few balloons in colors that remind us of kenzee and brooklyn could hardly take all the excitement. she couldn't wait to give them to kenz and even said she wanted to sing happy birthday to her all by herself. 

(gosh i wish this picture wasn't blurry)

kenz let her help her open her presents, and then brooklyn had uncle dev turn off the lights so that she could sing happy birthday to her. she knows how to make a birthday complete. she adores those guys (see picture below) and they are so patient with her. she loves when they are around and she even thought about just staying with them for the night. she's lucky to have an aunt and uncle that are so sweet to her. 

i ended my night at new beginnings for young women's and came home to james and brooklyn cuddled up on the couch watching a movie together. james definitely got his wish in a daughter that loves movies. she does. for the most part, she will sit and watch almost a whole one. she won't hold still for anything else. james likes to get her hooked on one and then try and keep her intrigued the whole time. brooklyn secretly loves it. at the end of the night, she was smothering him with kisses and james was in heaven. he's excited to add another little girl to the mix. lots more tiny kisses for him. 

and we're stoked it's thursday. YESSSS!!!
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