Wednesday, March 26, 2014

park day.

ahh... today was awesome. that sunshine really puts a hop in my step. it was the perfect day to go to the park. but not just any park, the castle park. james and i have been telling brooklyn for awhile now that we'd take her to it and we just haven't. today was the best day to do it. so, we picked up chels and ellie on our way over there and enjoyed a couple hours of sunshine, castle park, and wood chips. brooklyn loved every second.

the park was so big and there was so much to see, she kind of just ran around the whole time. she hardly stopped to do anything. it was like she couldn't fit everything in that she wanted to do. oh that girl.

ellie loved being outside. annnd, how cute is her sun hat?

after a couple hours, we headed home for lunch and a nap. brooklyn was hungry and pooped. right after her nap she was ready to be outside again. so she got to enjoy the sunshine for a little bit longer. when james got home, we piled in the car and headed for salt lake. again, with chels and ellie in tow. we hit up city creek and trader joes, and then over to james' aunt pam's to go through her record collection. chels and i had so much fun going through all of her old records. we found some gems. i can't wait to listen to all of them, even the christmas ones!

our night still wasn't over after that. we then headed to kearns to go visit james' grandparents. it was nice to visit (and eat candy). brooklyn loves grandma's "princess house" and all her dolls. she even convinces grandma to get in the princess house with her. 

and ellie bean couldn't miss out on it this time. she was itching to get in there (and be smothered by her much bigger cousin).

we got home exhausted and happy. it really was a great day. one for the record books. we got to spend time with family, the sun was shining all day, and i came home with fresh flowers...

and this awesome vinyl.

h a p p y  h u m p  d a y 

p.s. and a BIG HUGE happy birthday to my SIL KENZ! we love you tons! (and we'll be over later to give you your present!)
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