Tuesday, March 25, 2014

mon - day

oh spring is playing with our heart strings a little. brooklyn was determined, however, to get outside and play. so, with her pretty princess dress, windbreaker, and sparkly shoes on, she was out the door. she lasted way longer than i ever thought she would. i stayed inside with the window cracked to be able to hear if she got into any trouble. and mostly just to hear her yell, "mom, i have to go!" cause when she says that, she means now!

she wore herself out and went down like a rock for her nap. promptly upon waking up, she wanted back outside again. this time i joined her. it was honestly a little too breezy for my liking and i didn't last long (i also had on short sleeves). had it been even five degrees cooler, it would have been perfect. but spring is taking it's time to warm up around here. and rumors are that we'll have snow later this week. kind of a bummer, but we need the moisture.

for fhe, we met up with the jeremy ruesch clan at pizza pie cafe. this pregnant girl really shouldn't eat at buffets and i only agreed to go because moms got to eat free tonight. so it really was an awesome deal for our little family. brooklyn still eats free but she will definitely get our money's worth when we do start paying for her. girl can eat pasta.

ellie even got in on the action tonight. she two weeks away from eating solids so she got lucky and got to try a couple things. she was a happy camper.

brooklyn is in a stage right now of fit throwing, tantrums, and so much stubbornness. sometimes james and i laugh because it's all we can do. she pushes our buttons so hard that if we didn't laugh, we'd probably cry. i've definitely been close to tears. this girl knows what she wants and she always has a plan to get it. if james and i get in the way... bad things happen. we're hoping this is a phase, but we're working on the best ways to discipline this stubborn child in case this is how she'll be until she's eighteen. oh we hope not. 

right now, we cherish and treasure moments when she is happy and her cute little personality is bursting at the seams. 

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