Monday, March 24, 2014


we hosted a small brunch at cream gables saturday afternoon. we had jeremy and chelsea, and james' aunt and cousin over. it was nice. james made crepes. and actually, james and jeremy did all the cooking. so super nice for me. i just did the set up. 

brooklyn wanted to help with everything. everything. she ended up burning herself and happy to just sit in her high chair and eat in the end. darn it.

sweet baby ellie was entertained down in the corner while we ate and was happy as can be. oh those cheeks.

spending time with extended family is something we don't do often enough. if it meant james would make crepes every saturday, i'd do it every weekend. kidding. crepes or not, family is the best.

i love love this picture of ellie bean with aunt pam. so precious.

the rest our weekend was nice. the weather was beautiful and james was a good daddy and took his anxious toddler to the park while this tired mama took a nap. we ordered pizza in and relaxed for the rest of the night. sunday was nice as well. trying to find things to wear to church is getting a little more difficult. i honestly own one maternity dress and just squeeze into everything else. it's kind of a joke, but spending money on maternity clothes is hard for me. dang it. i may have to break down though. cause these clothes aren't going to fit for much longer. but man we're happy to be at 26 weeks!

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