Friday, March 28, 2014

crazy weather.

yesterday, we woke to rain pounding on our windows. it only let up for a little bit while we ate breakfast. then, there was sleet, hail, and more rain. i was worried brooklyn would be super sad about not being able to play outside two days in a row.

but she chose to paint.

she did that for quite awhile, totally content. then she wanted to color. she was good to entertain herself for most of the day. which i was super grateful for. all i wanted to do yesterday was cozy up and watch movies. i had absolutely no energy.

out of nowhere, the rain turned to snow and even more crazy, thunder started like mad. then it started raining again. the thunder went strong for a good ten minutes. i loved every second. brooklyn wasn't so sure. she stayed huddled under a blanket until she knew the thunder was gone for sure. then it was nap time. 

^like a lot of others, my bracket is horrible this year^ 

the rest of the day was uneventful. lots of laying around, cuddling, and movie watching. james came home and we started dinner. haley showed up a little bit after that and we all just hung out and visited together. we made a quick sonic run for shakes and upon returning home, it was obvious that brooklyn wasn't feeling well. she wanted to watch frozen, we obliged, and 3/4 of the way through it, she was acting like she felt miserable. her little eyes were red and watery, she felt a little warm, and she definitely had the chills. i can't hardly stand it when she's sick. it breaks my heart.

she fell asleep on the couch and her daddy tried as carefully as he could to take her up to her bed without waking her, but to no avail. she woke up and cried. she wanted me to sing her some songs. so i climbed in bed with her, snuggled up to her warm little body, and sang. she fell asleep quickly, but woke again quickly, only an hour and a half after falling asleep. she lucked out, both her parents were exhausted and i was not sleeping comfortably, so she got to come bunk up with us. poor little miserable thing. 

she was up bright and early this morning and asked for breakfast. i'm taking this as a good sign. i'm guessing she'll go down early for her nap and hopefully take a nice a long one. our friday could be an interesting one, and how sad that someone of us has to spend it sick. 

here's to hoping everyone's healthy on saturday... let's hope. 

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