Monday, March 31, 2014

happy + full weekend

instead of doing the baby bump update last, i'm gonna go ahead and do it first. sometimes i almost forget to post it. oops.

here i am at 27 weeks with brooklyn...

and with baby girl #2 (her name has been decided but probably won't be shared on the blog until she's born)...

this week was probably my most uncomfortable week so far. sleep is getting rougher, and major cramps in my back are almost always lingering. i guess that means baby is getting bigger and so much closer to joining us on the outside! i seriously can not wait to meet this sweet little baby. every ache and pain is ABSOLUTELY worth it.


it was so fun to wake up friday morning and have haley at our house. brooklyn was feeling better, so that started our day out right. unfortunately, she started acting sick again a couple hours later, so we put plans we'd made on hold until james could come home to be with her. i hated the thought of making her go shopping when she felt a little miserable. but that girl loves to shop.

so we kept ourselves busy by making some flower arrangements. ok, i didn't do that part, but haley's good at it, so i put her to work on my bouquet of flower from trader joe's. brooklyn wanted to be right in the middle of it.

i love how they turned out. it makes my front room look so happy and much more like spring than it does outside.

when james got home, we lunched, and then haley and i headed out to do a little shopping. we ended up doing a lot of shopping by the end of the day. it was so fun to spend the day with my baby sister. we talked about going off to college, life decisions, past memories, and everything else in between. she'll be joining the adult world in just a few short months and i can hardly believe it. but i'm excited for her. as soon as we got back to cream gables she hit the road. an early morning track meet had her getting up nice and early the next day.

when i got home, brooklyn was enjoying a late afternoon nap. she needed it. as soon as she woke up, we packed her into the car and we were off to dinner to celebrate a promotion james got at work this week. this promotion is something he has worked for and been hoping for since he started this job. it is truly a blessing for our little family. we were happy to all go out and celebrate together!

he was nice enough to let me choose the restaurant. this pregnant wife of his gets specific cravings especially on the weekends. my cravings were for sweet potato fries and a big juicy burger dripping with teriyaki sauce. so, we ate at rumbi grill. oh my gosh those fries. brooklyn loves them almost as much as i do.

and that burger, perfection.

even though we had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant, we made the short little jaunt over to sweet tooth fairy to get some dessert. a cupcake for me and cake bites for james and brooklyn. 

we ended the night with a little more shopping. i was in desperate need of some maxi dresses and my sidekicks were more than nice to wait around while i tried on lots. 

saturday morning we were up and at 'em and heading different ways. james to a huge sports warehouse sale and brooklyn and me to a double bridal shower at my aunt's in pleasant grove. we picked up kayla on the way and got to enjoy her company the rest of the way to the shower.

we enjoyed some yummy food and loved getting to visit with lots of the women in the family. i love get togethers like these, and that is exactly why i can never move away. i hate missing these things! brooklyn loves them now especially that she gets to see and play with cousins. those cute little girls enjoyed cruising around in addie's little princess jeep. adorable. 

brooklyn had the time of her life! those of us that got to watch these toddlers try and drive this around were absolutely entertained. so funny and just cute.

they had lots of help and tons of spectators back at the house. 

^i have GOT to start taking more pictures with my camera. these cell pics just don't do these pictures justice.^

that night, we ordered a pizza in and snuggled up on the couch. brooklyn started acting a tad bit sick again but nothing i was too worried about. ugh. saturday night was miserable. especially for james. brooklyn kept waking up crying and she wouldn't stop. james would take her to the bathroom, give her a drink, get her back to sleep, and an hour later she would wake up. it was not a night of great rest. sunday morning came and i wanted to cry. brooklyn woke up with a cough and a horrible runny nose. so it was decided, no church for her. james got ready and went to sacrament meeting and then to teach his lesson, and i went for the last hour and a yw meeting. brooklyn was very disappointed that she was not going to nursery. but after lunch and a tiny nap, she woke up to snow coming down like crazy. she was pumped. i was awakened from my sunday nap to a toddler and her daddy squealing with excitement over the snow.

brooklyn promptly put on what she thought would be good enough to go outside and play in that cold white stuff.

after a laugh, daddy helped her get dressed head to toe in her snow clothes. such a good daddy.

while they played outside, i finished watching the general women's broadcast. all great messages, such a sweet spirit felt, and i am so excited they have started this new tradition. the whole time i was watching it, i had visions of me with my two girls (maybe more in the future?) attending this conference in our best dressed and being spiritually fed (also, dinner and dessert afterwards). to me, this is what it's all about. being taught and feeling the spirit together as daughters of God, has to make our Heavenly parents so happy. it's a beautiful thing. it made me so excited for general conference this upcoming weekend. such a good precursor!

during each talk, i tried to focus on one message, and came up with one quote for each.

these messages are simple yet powerful. i hope i can remember them even a couple months down the road. they are so so important!

h a p p y  m o n d a y

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