Tuesday, February 25, 2014

that extended family.

we had an awesome weekend spent in wyoming with extended family. there was a ten mile stretch of road covered in snow that stood as our only obstacle all weekend. saturday night, we were fed a delicious homemade meal (ALWAYS) by my grandma, complete with homemade cake (with nuts) and ice cream. it gave me the strength i needed to stay awake so i could meet my cousin's brand new baby. totally worth it!

but before the road trip, friday night, brooklyn got to go to dinner with just her daddy and uncle jeremy. girl loves pasta.

sunday was gorgeous. sunny and warm. my cousin, who just returned from a mission, did an excellent job on his talk, and brooklyn was decent during sacrament meeting. totally win-win. afterwards, we were stuffed to the max at a dinner with family. so much good food! even better company though. it was a very short time, but it was good to visit with everyone and anyone that i could. so grateful for such good people to be related to.

we watched the closing ceremonies at my parents' and i thought it was awesome. i always get a little sad when the olympics are over. i really really enjoy watching them. and i would definitely say it gives me more USA pride every time. go team.

this also in, brooklyn drew a "B" for the first time this past week. i've tried to show her and have said over and over, "line down, bubble, bubble." she finally decided to give it a try.

(can ya see it?)

and lastly, after my laundry was done today, i got to work on a little project we're calling "The Big Girl Room". can't wait until it's finished!

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