Wednesday, February 26, 2014

let's talk about cravings.

with brooklyn, i was really nauseated for the whole first trimester. i never threw up, but sometimes i wished i could have just to feel some relief. i honestly only could stomach fruit loops and baked potatoes with a little butter and salt, and a little dirt on them. yep. and water was the only thing i could drink. i tried ginger ale a few times, but it didn't help. just gagged me a tad. the rest of my pregnancy i didn't crave a ton of things and i really can only remember wanting fruit. juicy delicious fruit.

this go round, i was not nearly as nauseated in the first trimester. usually nights were the worst. so dinner got really tricky for awhile. and while i was nauseated i really didn't crave anything. it depended on the day, hour, minute, and second. it really depended. fruit has definitely been a craving this time. including apples. i don't usually eat apples. i'm not a fan of them. but this time, i've been eating apples like crazy. they totally hit the spot. 

craving number two, brown sugar pop-tarts. i could eat them all day every day. running out of them on a sunday is a nightmare and nothing else quite satisfies me. i also crave anything with gooey hot cheese in it. the deep dish pizza from little ceasar's has helped with that one. oh man that stuff is good. my candy of choice, reeses eggs. the eggs specifically. also, kit kats and butterfingers. i'm really excited to enjoy loads of delicious fruit this summer. oh i can't wait for peaches, watermelon, grapes, cherries, kiwis, nectarines, ya know, all those delicious juicy fruits! ugh, my mouth is watering like crazy right now. I NEED A PEACH! NOW!

besides having cravings for food, i also crave going places, listening to certain songs, and getting projects done. it's really like a craving. i can't continue on with my day until i've been there, heard it, or done it. no joke. i'm obsessive these days. no bueno. it makes me a crazy person. luckily, brooklyn obliges to go with me and just puts up with my insanity. thank goodness she is doing well in the potty training department or we'd be in big trouble. one of my cravings, luckily for her, is to be outside and go to the park. because i was painting today, we settled for a walk. but the park will be happening asap. 

lots of cravings, lots of projects, and 4 months to fit it all in. i think i can do this. i'm so happy and excited about baby girl joining our family this summer! i truly feel more than blessed and absolutely smitten with this baby growin/kicking/rolling inside me.

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