Friday, February 21, 2014

little friends + paint

we spent our thursday with friends. 

after meeting up with chelsea & ellie bean, we picked up katie and were on our way to see mary and meet her new little bundle of joy keila.

brooklyn practicing holding a tiny baby.

the three little amigas. 

(brooklyn's sooo big!)

us girls mostly chatted, and technically, i mostly chased brooklyn around just to make sure she didn't break anything. we also took lots of potty breaks. (going on 4 days without an accident!) due to a delayed and almost non existent nap, she turned into her grouchy/pouty self and was not super delightful to have around. everyone was so patient with her. i'm grateful for that. 

she honestly couldn't wait to get home, and begged all day, to paint. sadly, this is the first time i've let her do this and she's been asking about it for a week now. the time fiiiiinalllly came and she was in heaven. she could hardly wait to try every color. we'll have to invest in a better brush because, darn it, the one that came with the paint was a little horrendous.

but she loved it all the same.

my little lefty. 

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g !

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