Wednesday, February 19, 2014

mondee + tuesdee

we loved waking up with james on monday morning. so fun to have him around. we did not sleep in, no no, we got up promptly and headed out the door to meet j & c at granny annie's in kaysville. definitely one of our favorite breakfast spots. brooklyn is finally old enough to appreciate it right along with us. she loved her pancakes. 

the boys both went with omelets. i didn't even want a taste of james' like i normally do. eggs right now, no bueno.

brooklyn had a good 'dry run' during breakfast, making it to the potty afterwards. she is definitely improving. on our way out to the car, we snapped some selfies, and sadly, this is the best one we got. darn it.

we thought we'd test brooklyn's potty limits and head on over to farmington station to do a little shopping. again, she was successful. after our potty run i tried to snap a pic on our way out of the bathroom. so sad it's blurry. brooklyn had the most proud smile on her face. so precious. 

after we went shopping, we headed home for naps and laundry. we enjoyed relaxing with j & c the rest of the day. for dinner, it was costa vida kids meals all around. never had one? do it. they're the perfect amount of food, complete with a dessert tortilla. yum!

tuesday morning was a bright and early one for all of us as james got up to go to work, and brooklyn and i headed to coalville. 

brooklyn loves getting to hang out with these cute 6th grade girls. she grabs a hula hoop and jumps right in with them. she tries to do the choreography as well. 

can ya spot her?

after our job was done there, we went to say hi to grandpa on our way out of town. it was a short but sweet visit (complete with potty break) and then we were on our way. my mom and sisters met us at cream gables and took over brooklyn duty while james and i went to my big ultrasound. 

i think they wore her out. that combined with the early morning was just too much for her.

we went all day with no accidents and that makes it two days in a row. that makes me so happy! like i said, she is improving. i can even let her go up to her room to watch a little movie on her own (she loves to watch movies by herself...for small amounts of time) without panicing that she'll have an accident. 

and last but not least, our ultrasound was amazing. i went in just like i did with brooklyn's, super anxious. i honestly didn't enjoy the ultrasound until everything had been checked out and explained to us. after all of that, i felt my legs relax, my shoulders weren't tense, and i just enjoyed being able to see that sweet little girl (yes, she's still a girl) moving around in there. before we went in to the ultrasound, i chugged a capri sun (one of brooklyn's potty drinks) in hopes that baby girl would be sure to move around for us. it definitely worked, and it looks like she could be as active as her big sister. if that's the case, we're in for an adventure. ha! oh boy. maybe i won't be getting a mellow baby after all.

look at that sweet face.

i definitely see similarities in brooklyn. 

baby does not have a name set in stone. our families know the name that i like, and have started calling her that (including brooklyn), but her daddy still would like to think of a few more choices. so we're definitely still racking our brains before baby girl has a name.

h a p p y  w e d n e s d e e 

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