Monday, February 3, 2014


the super bowl was super for a few reasons:

1. spending time with family
2. the food was tasty
3. i really like watching football
4. half-time was awesome

obviously, it wasn't much of a game. i was hoping seattle would win, but i honestly didn't care. i don't follow either team. i like watching football and even though it was a blow-out, i still enjoyed myself. my parents have been hosting a super bowl party for years and we've definitely switched it up a few times. 

a key part of our super bowl tradition was missing this year. grandma jackie. the peanut m&m and licorice supplier. gosh we missed having her there this year. it's hard knowing she's gone, but when traditions come around that involved her, it definitely makes it worse. she would have hated the game. so that makes me feel better. 

brooklyn and liv made their own entertainment during the game. they definitely were the cause for a few commercial rewinds. their age gap is slowly closing and it's so fun that they can actually play together. even if it's for thirty seconds at a time.

here they are having a tea party. total opposite of a super bowl party. those little ladies.

the spread of food was awesome and i had to be super careful to pace myself. i've been known to over eat within the first two minutes of the game. no lie. 

cream puffs were a highlight. i am a fan of them and always have been, but they tasted extra good tonight. 

james wore the blue+orange to support the broncos and i wore the navy+green to support the seahawks. this picture was taken after the third touchdown for seattle. james said was trying to prove something. really, we just needed a little documentation. right?

by the end of the game, the little girls had had it. brooklyn was more hyper at that point than any other. so my mom set them up in her room to watch a little show. brooklyn sat there for almost an hour. she gets into any show just like her daddy does. liv was in and out. she didn't want to miss the party.

again, sporting the colors.

brooklyn always hates to leave her grandma and grandpa's house. it just devastates her. luckily, she fell asleep about ten minutes into our drive home. even more lucky, she is still asleep. and in her own bed. she has made it 1 month! she still wakes up once or twice during the night and has to be consoled, but progress has definitely been made. 

we are so excited to be into february. we're making plans for valentine's day and valentine's to send to the grandparents and we are just one month closer to meeting this new little baby of ours (who is poking me right now. i LOVE feeling her move.)

h a p p y  m o n d a y

(brooklyn had a tiny meltdown before and during this picture, but she really is excited to be having a baby sister.)

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