Thursday, February 6, 2014

some v-day goodies

mostly, just a few things we're giving to brooklyn for valentine's day. and really, it's all stuff that i wanted to buy her anyway, and having this holiday around the corner is a good excuse. i love it. and when she is older, i look forward to buying her fun jewelry and things like that for valentine's day. for now, this stuff is great.

this little dress screamed valentine's and i had to get it. it was cheap, the reviews said it was cheap, and i bought it anyway. it will be so cute on her for valentine's day.

all of brooklyn's hoodies and zip up jackets are definitely too short on her arms, so this little sale item was calling to me. i love zip up jackets. love. taking things off brooklyn's head and putting them over her head is not a good thing in this house. we avoid it at all costs.

i found this book at tj maxx. i couldn't not buy it. it is such a sweet book. right now, i'm really into doing anything and everything to try and help brooklyn with this new change coming in a few months. heaven help me.

i've wanted this darling book for months, but it has been a little on the expensive side. the second i saw it was on sale i scooped it up and i can't wait to get my hands on it. not only are the pictures bright and colorful (and full of fairies) but the book has a great message as well. brooklyn will love it. i hope.

(buy this book here - it is on sale today for valentine's day)

a few pictures from the weekend...

this is how brooklyn properly sits in the chair at the dentist.

cute little ellie bean just making sure i'm still watching brooklyn 'love' on her.

p.s. i'll give two bags of ju-ju hearts to the first person who can tell me how many times i used the word valentine's day in this post. 

...sorry about that.
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