Monday, January 13, 2014

what this weekend brought.

our weekend was relaxing and exhausting all at once. friday night was quite chill. kayla came over and we went and got dinner, did a little shopping, and then made some cornbread. we relaxed the rest of the evening and then set our alarms for an early morning.

i headed out the door at 7AM. i had a youth retreat to attend. the yw/ym had gone up friday, and i was going up to help with a planning meeting. but boy, i got to be a part of so much more. the youth in our ward are amazing. they're happy/strong/fun-loving kids that really are just happy to be where they are. they played hard and were also able to focus during planning meetings and a devotional. i was so impressed. 

watching them sled for hours, walk up this huge hill, and do it all over again and again really wore me right out. i took a nap when i got home that evening. i seriously needed it. 

(the ym leaders went up earlier in the week with their snow blowers to create this awesome hockey rink. the kids had a blast on it.)

sunday was also a bright and early start. getting used to 9AM church again will take a little while. we got up, got ready, scarfed down some breakfast, and were at church by ten to. sacrament meeting was great. i taught yw's, which is always a good learning experience. i'm teaching this whole month. i guess there's a lot i need to learn. 

as soon as we got home from church, james had brooklyn in her apron and helping him make wink-eyes. in case you're not familiar, toast with an egg cooked in the middle. brooklyn was ecstatic to get to help.

and she even enjoyed eating them. 

then it was naps. kayla and judd came over a little later and we had sunday dinner. roast, potatoes, carrots, ya know... the usual. they even cooked our potatoes and carrots in their electric pressure cooker. it was super fast and super delicious. 

afterwards, we relaxed and basically watched brooklyn run a muck of the house. she loves having company and wants to show them every toy she owns. it makes for quite a mess. little stinker. she is learning how to clean it up by herself though. with james and i giving her words of encouragement and often singing the 'clean-up' song, she gets the job done. 

16 weeks today and it feels so good! a quick little pregnancy update:

the nausea is completely gone
sleeping is rough (i'm a tummy/back sleeper)
i'm getting my energy back
so anxious and excited to find out what this little peanut is
craving juicy delicious fruit (too bad it's winter), like peaches and watermelon

h a p p y  m o n d a y

p.s. can't wait to put up my valentine decor! i'll wait til tuesday so it's up for exactly a month by valentine's day.
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