Tuesday, January 14, 2014

our family night.

(low quality cell phone pics ahead)

for family night, the holmes crew met up in centerville to have dinner and hang out at kayla and judd's. it was a spur of the moment plan. one of my favorite things in the world. that's why i have to live close enough to my family. if i had to miss out on this kind of stuff all the time, i'd be super sad. 

so, we met at chili's and sat at a huge table. we were missing haley, but we definitely didn't have a problem filling it up. 

some of us ate our weight in chips and salsa. i'll admit, i was one of them. i also got to eat the thing i craved most while i was pregnant with brooklyn, honey chipotle chicken crispers. i usually do not like spicy food, but those little crispers hit the spot! man they're good. brooklyn was happy to gobble up my corn on the cob. win-win.

brooklyn was so happy to see livi again. she's talked about her non stop since Christmas break.

we ended the night and kayla and judd's cute little place. it was warm and cozy, and a great place to all just hang out together. we watched some youtube vidoes that left us in tears, we hugged, and then went our separate ways. 

brooklyn was exhausted on the ride home. she tried staying awake by telling us stories, but her words were slurred and she wasn't making any sense (almost like normal). she was tuckered right out. and speaking of this tired girl... she has now slept two whole nights in her own bed. like i've mentioned before, we have sleeping troubles here at cream gables and we're really trying to break free of them before we add to our clan. so...fingers crossed for three nights in a row!

p.s. it's never felt better to get my laundry done and completely put away than it did today. not being able to do chores like that when you're on bed rest really makes you appreciate being able to do the little things. not to mention, i even had a little bit of energy left over to organize my side of the closet. how embarrassing that my husband's side is always spotless and mine is...well not. but now we're tied.

p.s.s. james starts school tomorrow! it feels so good to finally be moving onto this part of our lives. james feels good and is ready to get things going. so on tuesday and thursday nights for the next two years, feel free to pop in and keep B and i company. 

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