Friday, January 10, 2014

snow = productivity

honestly, the snow the last couple of days has been great for me. besides having to drive to my doctor appointment in it, it has made me super productive. was it the snow? well, i'm going to say it was. when i wake up and see that it's snowing, and i have no other commitments during the day, i am ready to put my to-do lists to work. 

being on bed rest and not being able to keep up with my housework is so hard. so a quick shout out to those of you women who are suffering through bed rest right now: YOU CAN DO IT! i feel for you, and i am sending my positive vibes your way! anyway, now that i'm feeling a better and i feel like it's ok that i'm up and doing, i've been giving myself a few things to accomplish during the day. today, i cleaned the guest bathroom, the kitchen, got rid of some trash from christmas (boxes, packing materials) and vacuumed a few spaces of the house. it felt good folks. it felt good.

brooklyn definitely gets cabin fever when we don't leave the house during the day. she's used to running at least one errand during some point of the day. luckily, tonight, we had a little trip to kaysville to make for james' mba orientation. brooklyn was stoked to get dressed up and head out the door. unfortunately for her, we missed the tour part, and weren't staying for the actual orientation. she cried when i broke it to her that she got to go shopping with me instead. darn it. 

but, as always, once we get to the store, she's stoked to go in. she's a good little shopper. as long as i don't over do it, she's good. three stores/stops max. i'm fine with that.

our shopping venture didn't last long and we totally struck out, so back to the usu kaysville site we went. we were there fifteen minutes early. instead of making brooklyn sit in her car seat while we waited, i let her sit up with me. she was good for the first five minutes, and then she started playing with all the gadgets on the steering wheel. so to distract her, we took selfies. of course! these are the ones that were the most normal, err... least embarrassing. 

when we got home, we were surprised with goodies from our favorite neighbors. thanks again darc! i ate __ cookies and loved every bite!

then, we relaxed. james set up our new chrome cast, and we enjoyed some episodes of the office. one of our favorites. it can always make me laugh and at the end of the day, that feels so good. and of course, so does reading my scriptures. i'm going strong with my 40 day/40 night challenge. it's seriously doable. try it!

then, we threw on our new usu kaysville t-shirts (cause james got a gazillion tonight from his orientation, ok he got 3) and took some family selfies. we really aren't self-centered. selfies just kind of happened to...happen a lot today. so, here ya go. i'll leave you with those and bid you adieu. 

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g 

p.s. i knew that somehow my husband had to become an aggie. even it if it is in a very roundabout way. i'm happy about it.
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